What’s Right For Me?- Choices in pregnancy and birth

Pregnant ladies of the world, the time has come to start making some big decisions, and no, I am not talking about which buggy you’re going to buy or what colour to paint the little nugget’s nursery!

I’m talking about the decisions you need to make in relation to the care you want to receive throughout your pregnancy and birth.
You may not know it but you do have choice. You do not need to to just go with whatever your GP or hospital is used to routinely doing.

Similar to the way different schools and different teachers, approach education; midwives, obstetricians and hospital trusts will all approach pregnancy and birth in differing ways.

From elective c-sections to drug-free homebirths, you have the choice. Do you know what those choices are? Or are you merely making choices because that’s what everyone does?

If this information is a revelation to you, & you’re now scratching your head wondering where you would even begin to find out your choices; or begin to consider what you may even want, then all you need to do is read this book!

AIMS is an incredible charity that produce a wide range of books that simply detail the choices you may be faced with during pregnancy and in birth, supported with the research related to each of these choices. From induction to ultrasounds, placentas to VBAC’s they are the most useful books you can read in pregnancy as they are simply research based as opposed to opinion based. To find out more go to www.aims.org.uk

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