The Birthing Bible!

When friends or potential clients are curious about Hypnobirthing I often recommend that they read this fantastic book by the inspirational Ina May Gaskin.For those of you who don’t know who she is I will briefly give you a little background on this amazing lady.

Ina May Gaskin set up one of the first out of hospital birth centres in the United States, a place known as The Farm. She encouraged women to take an active role in their births and as a consequence, the women who grew up on The Farm grew up with a wholly positive approach and understanding of birth and women’s ability in labour due to the fantastic outcomes the women who birthed on The Farm achieved. As I said, that’s a very brief introduction to a woman who has achieved and inspired so much more than just that and hopefully in another blog I will do her more justice!

So whilst this book isn’t a Hypnobirthing book, so to speak, it covers everything you will learn on a Hypnobirthing course and is a great place to start on your journey to a positive birthing experience. I guess in a sense, once you have read this book you will also gain a better understanding of what Hypnobirthing aims to achieve and how it is possible for all women to have a calm and positive birth, no matter what their circumstances.

The book is divided into two parts, with the first being dedicated to lots of fabulous birthing stories and the latter being the juicy informative science bit. I often recommend that women read the second part first and then part one. And I definitely recommend that women continually come back to the positive birth stories throughout their pregnancy. Hypnosis is about the powerful use of words. Many women will be able to recount the horror stories related to birth so Hypnobirthing encourages women to seek positive birth stories and videos and shun any negative ones as part of their ‘homework,’ (for want of a better word). And this book is definitely a great place to start!

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