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Shari's Home Birth

This Mum uses so many fantastic Hypnobirthing skills, although my favourite has to be chilling out in her own swimming pool in the beginning stages of labour. She’s definitely tuning into her calm parasympathetic response system. Oh to live in Australia again!

The Hypnobirth of Jemima

A lot of Hypnobirthing videos are filmed at home, but if you feel a home birth isn’t right for you then no worries, Hypnobirthing can be used in hospitals and birth centres too. This is a great example of a hospital birth where the couple take ownership over the room to best match the environment most suitable for Hypnobirthing.

A Homebirth After Cesarean (VBAC)

I have so much respect for this Mum. Choosing a VBAC at home is a truly fantastic testament to her strength and trust in her body. Her first words as she holds her baby in her arms make me cry every time!

Oliver's Water Birth

This Mum is totally in her zone and has fantastic support all around her enabling her to stay focused on being a Hypnobirthing Supermum. She uses lots of positions that she obviously feels comfortable in and uses all the furniture to enable her. Her partner is there with his calming touch and light massage and then there’s the beautiful golden hour where Mum and baby Oliver are left to bond and feed as naturally as possible.

The Birth Of Sloane

This beautifully edited birth was a favourite of mine to watch during my own pregnancy. The video captures how bonding birth can be for not only a couple, but for the whole family.

The Birth Of Daisy

This video has so many elements that hypnobirthing encourages that I could write an essay on it. It is filled with positivity and control from start to finish.

It also included an amazing midwife who’s there for support and any ‘what if’ situations, but she doesn’t interfere with the birthing mother until she is needed.

Gabriella's Waterbirth

This mum is amazing! As is her partner.

Lots of fabulous elements of hypnobirthing take place in this birth as well as a clear respect of the ‘golden hour,’ once the baby is born.

Norah's Natural HypnoBirth

Another great example of a hypnobirth.