Elle, Aidan & Rudy’s Story (& Cat!)

On the 9th of November we welcomed our beautiful little boy, Rudy Peter Stark into the world – two weeks early!
I had SUCH a positive birth experience I wanted to share it, the things we learned from you and through our hypnobirthing journey resulted in the most incredible day of all of our lives.
Please feel free to share it with people you are working with as inspiration!!
My waters broke at 7pm on Thursday night, literally seconds after Aidan had left to go to cricket practise. Thought I had just really wet myself, called my sister and was laughing about it but then had quite a gush  (prepare for more TMI!) and so called in – unfortunately there were no midwives available to come out to us so I made the choice to go into hospital with my sister and called Aidan to abandon cricket bat and meet us there, just to make sure all was ok. I got checked out there and all was fine – my waters had definitely broken, but no sign of labour at that point.
In the car on the way home my surges started, very lightly. Cat decided to sleep over on the sofa so we got some food delivered and went to bed.
By 2am my surges were way more intense so I got out of bed and went in the living room where my sis was sleeping on the sofa. We watched Annie and Aidan joined us. We sang! Then we started Fantastic Mr Fox but my surges had increased so we timed them, turned off the TV, put on my playlists and switched on my tea lights. I went and had a bath whilst Aidan and Cat set up the space and pumped up the pool. I found the up-breathing amazing and the high coming down from each surge sailed me through the next one. At about 9.30am they were so intense that I couldn’t find a comfortable position – this was the only point where I thought I couldn’t carry on, felt I was failing and was being a wimp! I also really thought I needed the loo so by this point was trying to ride each surge sat on the toilet holding on to Aidan. The midwives arrived expecting they would have to leave again but examined me and I was fully dilated and ready to go – I even touched his head! So all those feelings were transition – of course!!
Aidan and the midwives quickly filled the pool and I felt utterly amazing once I’d stepped in, able to get comfortable again and knowing I was nearly there! At that point, the midwives felt I had had enough of a chill out time and asked if I would allow them to help me push. I agreed as was desperate to meet my baby! They were wonderful and suggested some different positions to try and encouraged me to push further down into the surge and sure enough, progress! Aidan got into the pool with me and helped and encouraged me to keep going. Finally, I felt I had it and suddenly, I knew I’d birthed him – all out in one surge! The midwife, positioned behind me said ‘that’s it, that’s his head’ and I said ‘actually I think I’ve done it’ and looked down and between Aidan and I  we could see him staring up at us calmly through the water. We reached down and scooped him up and out of the water – he didn’t cry he just looked up at me. I couldn’t quite believe it! (Neither could Aidan, or the midwife actually!)
I had to go into hospital afterwards for stitches, but the whole experience was basically exactly as I wanted it and I felt (still feel!) like a rockstar. He is just amazing.
Thank you so much Natalie, I know that without your guidance Rudy’s birth would have been very different indeed! As it is, I want to tell the world about how wonderful it can be, and to preach about the wonders of hypnobirthing!
Rudy Peter Stark born at 1.30pm on 09/11/2018 at home, and in the water

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